500 Paleo Recipes To Be Featured on The Dr. Oz Show!

Hey, Gang --

The headline says it all, really: Dr. Mehmet Oz is going to be talking about paleo diets this Monday, April 22nd, and my cookbook, 500 Paleo Recipes, will be one of the featured cookbooks. I will not be on the show, but I am very excited that my book has been chosen for this sort of exposure. I don't know whether Dr. Oz will come down on the pro- or anti-paleo side, but the fact that 500 Paleo Recipes has been chosen to be featured on the show marks it as an important book in its field.

I'm also very pleased that paleo diets have become popular and well-known enough that they're getting this kind of big-time exposure.

So check your local television listings, and tune in or set your DVR! And if you think even one of your friends would be interested (or should be!), please share this announcement on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social media.