CarbSmart Magazine!

Ever wish there were a low carb magazine? You look at Cooking Light and think "Why isn't there something like that for low carbers? Geez."

Wonder no more. As of about 10 days ago, has launched a tablet-magazine. You know, articles, recipes, pretty pictures, all that stuff. And it's tres cool!

(Please note: As of this posting, the magazine is available for iPad users. My understanding is that CarbSmart is working out formats for other platforms/devices, and this should be available before long. So for now, please do not attempt to install the CS app or purchase the magazine unless you have an iPad. We're working on it!

How it works: The CarbSmart Magazine application runs inside iTunes Newsstand on your iPad. The app itself is free, but once you have it installed, you may buy a single issue for $3.99, or a full subscription for $19.99. This is why the application says it is "free", but is empty when you have first installed it.

We apologize to those who have had trouble. This technology is very new to us, and we are both learning as quickly as we can. -Eric)

We have the Best of 2012 Roundup, but that's just for starters. The Spotlight of our first issue is Fat Fasting and super-high-fat diets in general. Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, who worked with Dr. Atkins for 30 years, has written an article about how to tell if the Fat Fast is for you, and we'll tell you the 10 best foods for Fat Fasting. The Roundup includes my articles from when I first tried Fat Fasting, and Di Bauer's experiences with it, as well.

And RECIPES! Do we have recipes! In Dana's Kitchen you'll find Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Frittata, Ham, Cheddar and Broccoli Quiche, and Green Eggs and Ham. And do you know Susie T. Gibbs of Fluffy Chix Cook? She's smart and sassy and funny, and her recipes are, if anything, more impressive than my own. She's doing our Budget Low Carb Column, and for our first issue, she's really blown the kitchen doors off: Easy Beef Stroganoff with Buttery Cabbage Noodles, Un-Corned Beef Pot Roast & Pan-Browned Winter Vegetables, Oven-Fried Catfish, and Swiss Chard with Oven Roasted Grape Tomatoes. We'll both be contributing recipes exclusively for CarbSmart Magazine on a monthly basis.

It's a tad late now, but we also have Passover recipes from Barbo Gold, of Barbo's Low Carb Kitchen -- Aunt Sadie's Brisket, Low Carb Charoset, Barbo's Noodle Kugel. Yes, Passover is over. But brisket tastes great any time, and Passover will come again next year.

Amy Dungan fans, she's on board, too. This issue she's reviewed Tom Naughton's documentary FatHead -- it's not new, but we won't rest till everyone's seen it. Amy will be covering low carb success stories, too.

And have I mentioned design? Those of you who weary of my visual-deficient blog will be pleased to know that Azure Zebra Productions has given us a vital, zingy, totally engaging visual style. Great photos! Great layout!

In our second issue, we'll have a spotlight on the surprising health benefits of ketogenic diets. If you think it's just weight loss, you're going to be dazzled! We're also starting Kitchen Table Wisdom, with tips from the Low Carb Community (that's YOU), Ask the Low Carb Doctor with Dr. James Carlson and of course, more recipes! We're actively recruiting more writers weekly.

In short, we're on the fast track to being everything you could want in a low carb magazine. Download our first issue today, and we're convinced you'll want to subscribe!

(Again, the CS app for iPad is free to download, but you will then need to choose a single issue for $3.99, or a full year's subscription for $19.99. -Eric)

Addendum, for anyone having trouble:

I have had a few folks report having trouble getting this all to work. My apologies if this is the case for you. The technology is very new to me, but I'll do my best to get it straightened out.

First thing is to make sure you're using an iPad.

Next, are you able to open the CarbSmart app in iTunes Newsstand on your iPad at all? It's a little odd that way, like an app inside an app. (Took me a couple of tries to work it out.) Go to Newsstand (which is on the first screen on my iPad), and open the CarbSmart app from there. If the CS app is not there, then you'll need to go to "Store" in Newsstand (it's really the iTunes app store, but it installs the CS app inside Newsstand), search for "carbsmart", and download/install it.

Then, open the CS app, go to "Store" and see what options show up for purchase. Tap once anywhere on the screen in the app, and "Store" shows up as a button at the bottom. Tap that. That's where you should see all your options for purchase, which should include $3.99 single issue, $19.99 yearly subscription, and a recurring pay-by-month $1.99 subscription.

If there is nothing in the Store, then we've got a problem, and I'll have to check with a colleague who knows this stuff better than I do. Hope this helps!