Come To The Low Carb Meet & Greet!

Hooray! It's time once again to announce the Low Carb Meet & Greet -- I believe this is the Fourth Annual Low Carb Meet & Greet. "What is the Low Carb Meet & Greet?," I hear you cry.

It started when Jimmy Moore Jimmy Moore told me that his wife Christine's family lives in Bedford, Indiana, just 30 minutes south of my home in Bloomington. There was a family reunion, and they would be in the area for a week. Of course I asked them to come over! They came for lunch, and a fine time was had by all.

The next year, I got smart. When Jimmy and I started talking about the two of them coming over for lunch again, I said, "We are missing a trick -- let's invite the low carb community to join us!"

That first year we got about fifteen, maybe twenty people. By last year, we had to cap it at fifty, 'cause, honestly, folks, there's a limit to how many people I can feed in my back yard.

So anyway, The Fourth Annual Low Carb Meet & Greet will be on Saturday, July 20th, from 1-5 pm. I'll be cooking a ton of food, as I always do -- ribs have become kinda traditional, and there will be salads and low carb cookies, and -- oh, a bunch of stuff. I haven't decided yet.

And you'll hang out with me and That Nice Boy I Married, and Jimmy and Christine, and, we hope, Amy Dungan. And this year, Dr. Jim Carlson, author of Genocide: How Your Doctor's Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!!! and columnist for CarbSmart MagazineCarbSmart Magazine, says he'll be coming. We're hoping Andrew DiMino, Publisher of CarbSmart Magazine, will make it, too. Very likely Keith Johnson, my next door neighbor, Organic Gardening God, CarbSmart Magazine columnist and all-around lovable guy can be prevailed upon to attend, as well.

Plus, of course, a whole bunch of super-nice people who eat just like you, and won't look at you funny for eating all that meat! I'm telling you, the low carb community is made up of the loveliest people. I think it's the high intelligence from the cholesterol intake, and our stable blood sugar. Honestly, you'll never find a more congenial group.

You'll get to meet Jed the Hero Dog, Dexter the Pug, and Gracie the Incidental Beagle. Also Spike the Cat, who likes people and will probably be hanging around. And the chickens! And should you have a driving curiosity to know what my house is like or whether I can really cook, it will be fulfilled.

Once again, we have to cap the event at 50 attendees, so if you're coming, sign up! And once again, we're asking for a $5 donation to help defray the cost of food.

Where to sign up, you ask? Why,here, of course.

To clear up a couple of worries people have had in the past:

I've had people ask if it was okay that they were not at goal weight -- would they be looked down on if they were still overweight? Please, please know that this is not a gathering of skinny people; there will be people of all sizes and people at all points in their journeys. If ever a group of people understood what you are dealing with and going through, it's these folks.

Also, last year we had people worried that we were going to make them stand around outside in killer heat. It was, indeed, 106 on Meet & Greet Day! We had the party inside, in the lovely air conditioning. Everyone loves a cookout, but there are limits! So never fear; if the weather does not cooperate we will move indoors.

So if you're anywhere near Indiana, or not near Indiana, but don't mind a road trip (we have folks who come from Texas!), put the Fourth Annual Low Carb Meet & Greet on your calendar, and I'll see you in July.