A Guest Article: Sugar Free Candy

I have long recommended, among other low carb Halloween survival strategies, laying in a supply of sugar-free candy to help deter sugar binges. So when I got an email from a Tracy Linden, asking if she could write an article for the blog about sugar-free candy, I figured, heck, why not?

Tracy says she writes for Online University. I don't know much about Online University, but the site looked interesting and un-hype-y, so I figured it was cool. And she's recommended some sugar-free candies I was unaware of, so, hey, useful information! Thanks, Tracy.

A Guide to Sugar-Free Halloween Candy

As any diabetic knows, sugar driven holidays such as Halloween, can bring out the worst in those who have a sweet tooth but can't indulge in the candy eating festivities as their non-diabetic friends. It's was always the biggest struggle for one of my Online University peers, who was diabetic, to find candy she enjoyed but didn't push her into a bad state with her health. Luckily avoiding sweets gets way easier after you have some experience on the path to a healthy diet that is appropriate for a diabetic.

However, regardless of how much easier it gets, when cravings start to build up it can be hard to resist the holiday temptations. The good news is there are sugar-free options that will allow you to enjoy the splendor of Halloween candy--without the usual accompanying guilt. So fear not, because gratifying your cravings (in moderation) for the sumptuous sugary delights of Halloween without getting off track from your low-carb diet is indeed possible.

My go to Halloween sugar-free candies:

* Bazooka Sugarless gum or the Sugarless BubbleYum
* Chick-o-sticks
* Sugar free Reese’s Miniatures- ALMOST as good as the real thing yet with zero sugar. Watch out, as sugar free doesn't mean fat or calorie free with these guys BUT they are well worth the splurge!
* Sugar free Peeps
* Sugar free Jolly Ranchers
* Cinnamon Go-Lightly sugar free candies - which come in a lot of flavors such as vanilla, mint, chocolate and butterscotch.
* Sugar free Swedish fish- I think these taste pretty much identical to the real thing.
* Sugar free Pop Rocks
* Sugar free Godiva chocolates

There is a wide variety of scrumptious sugar free candies to gratify your sweet tooth with this upcoming Halloween- so there's no need to miss out on all the "sweet" fun that we all enjoy so much. At one point in time this was a far-fetched dream, but thanks to the marvels of modern nutritional science, it is a graspable concrete reality available to anybody!