I Hate To Break The News, But...

I am going to bum a lot of you out today, but it has to be done. A study has now been done, comparing the blood sugar impact of Dreamfield's pasta to the blood sugar impact of standard pasta. The blood sugar curves were essentially identical. Read it and weep.

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Doesn't bother me a bit, LOL.

Doesn't bother me a bit, LOL. I've never touched Dreamfields or had any interest in doing so. Pasta has never been my thing. Who cares about the carb count? I won't be touching it. I try to eat gluten-free anyway. Pasta is just a vehicle for the good sauces, and I can still have many of them. :-)


Hi Dana. I don't eat dreamfields often because it makes me crazy hungry when I do -- so the results re: blood sugar don't surprise me. I do buy it for my kids though as I've thought that the additional fiber and maybe softer blood sugar impact can only help compared to regular pasta. I recently saw a reference to Chicory root/inulin in excess causing damage to the eyes (blurriness or loss of sight). I think the dreamfields makers suggest that inulin is part of the magic with their noodles. Do you know of any reason to avoid inulin? Many thanks for this and all of your work for our communal health. I'm considering the low carb cruise mainly so that I could meet you in person and tell you how grateful I am for your work. Sally


Sally, if you're anywhere near Indiana, Dana and I be hosting the second (annual?) Low-Carb Meet-n-Greet here at our place in August. Pretty sure it will be the 13th. Jimmy Moore will be here, and we're working on getting Tom Naughton to come up, hopefully others. :-)

Noodles of Doubt

My husband loves spaghetti and we made up a batch of Dreamfields for him. It did not seem to do anything negative, but I use spaghetti squash as a substitute, something he was unwilling to try. So, maybe once a month or so, but otherwise, an interesting dilemma as I see no reason for the Dreamfields pasta people to make this stuff up and hang themselves with a rope of spaghetti.

Try adding protein to the meal

A couple of years ago, a woman posting on a popular low carb forum tested her blood sugar after a meal of Dreamfields pasta alone, and then another test eating the pasta with some protein. The blood sugar readings with the protein were much better than those without.

I suggest this be added to the next study of Dreamfields and blood sugar.

Dreamfields Study

Not only was the study far too small to be conclusive, but rather than using the cooking method given on the Dreamfields box, the Dreamfields Pasta was apparently cooked in the same manner used for the regular pasta. The authors of the article, themselves, admitted: "When the first five subjects were studied using the same cooking method for both products, the Dreamfields pasta did not result in a smaller glucose rise."

I use Dreamfields pasta up to once weekly, and the only time it has resulted in weight gain for me is when I've used too large an amount of bottled tomato sauce in making my pasta sauce. If I use only about 1/4 cup of tomato sauce together with a large amount of ground beef and mix it with one serving of Dreamfields Pasta cooked precisely according to the directions on the box I have had no weight gain whatsoever. In fact, on some occasions my weight the following day was down by half a pound.

As with any low-carb meal, when it comes to weight loss or gain, YMMV.

Weight gain vs. blood sugar spike

So it doesn't make you gain weight. Did you measure your blood sugar after eating? I'm happy you can eat it and not gain weight, but that's not really what they're talking about in this study.

I personally don't think their product is any different than regular pasta, which if under cooked (and I do believe that's how they tell you to cook it) raises your blood sugar less than if it's over cooked.

The more important thing here isn't weight control, it's blood sugar control. Even if you don't gain weight, you're damaging tissue every time your blood sugar spikes, whether you're diabetic or not.

Weight gain vs. blood sugar spike

No I didn't measure my blood sugar after eating. I'm neither diabetic nor pre-diabetic, so I never measure my own blood sugar.

I do follow a strict low-carb diet for weight control and because I consider it much healthier than eating either low-fat or "whatever." I weigh myself every morning at the same time, so that's the only way I can measure the effect of foods on me. If the loss of weight was only once or maybe twice I'd figure it really meant nothing. But the effect -- either weight loss or no difference in weight after eating Dreamfields -- is very consistent, and has been over a period of a couple of years.

It's just amazing to me

that so many people believe in magic.

This study was mentioned over at "a low carb message forum," and people have been screaming and shouting that the study was "meaningless" and "irrelevant," and "worthless" in a hundred ways.

Now, when you look at the sample size, yes, it is a very limited study. But every single participant showed untoward results, which means: this is a field that needs more questions answered...but oh no, they "feel fine," so it must be magic pasta. The discussion got heated enough that a good bit of my posts (and, to be fair, posts of others) were removed by the moderators.

These people remind me of the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys.

So, Dana, don't worry too much about bumming people out. Most of them will believe whatever is convenient for them to believe, even if it goes completely against the facts.

Can you tell that I'm beyond disgusted?


The first and only time I tried Dreamfield's, it spiked my glucose levels; the results of this study do not surprise me.

I read the study when it

I read the study when it first came out.

Since I don't eat gluten anymore (and got rid of all my arthritic aches and pains I might add...)I just eat and love shirataki. The calorie savings alone are tremendous.

Knew it was too good to be true...

I love Dreamfields but always had a feeling it was just too good to be true. I only eat it once or twice a month but I'll be sorry to see it go as an option in my pantry...I don't think I'll buy it anymore if it's not really lower than traditional pasta, it costs 2-3 times as much! Bummer!