Impromptu Product Review: Planter's Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds Chili Lime

I was at my pharmacy today, and spotted these on the shelf: Planter's Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds Chili Lime. I like almonds and I like hot food, so I thought I'd check 'em out.

The stats include 6 grams of carb per serving, with 3 grams of fiber, for a usable carb count of 3 grams; well and good. 6 grams of protein, too, and 15 grams of fat -- something the label actually boasts about, maybe we're making inroads. The ingredient list reads:

Almonds, vegetable oil (peanut, cottonseed and olive), contains 2% or less of sea salt, sugar, dried chili pepper, spices, citric acid (for tartness), lime oil, lime peel, natural flavor.

I wasn't thrilled about the sugar, but found the carb count unalarming. I bought a bag, and cracked 'em as soon as I got to the car.

My reaction? Meh. Not terrible, just... meh. These must be the frailest-flavored chili lime anything I've ever tried. Almost no heat at all, just a bare suggestion of chili on the tongue. Not much lime zing, either, and not enough salt. The sugar, however, I could taste; these seemed oddly sweet to me. Coming from the company that does those yummy "Heat Peanuts," and the nose-twisting Soy and Wasabi Almonds, these were a real disappointment.

Add to that the fact that they were a little soggy. I'm used to roasted almonds being good and crunchy -- think Smokehouse Almonds, which are quite crisp. Just roasting these a little longer would have improved them to my mind.

I'll probably finish the bag. And if I had a choice between Planter's Chili Lime almonds and, say, pretzels, I'd eat the almonds. But given a choice between these and Soy and Wasabi Almonds or Heat Peanuts? Or good old Smokehouse Almonds? I'd never give the Chili Lime almonds another glance.