Just called KFC

I just called KFC customer service -- I'm sorry, that's "customer satisfaction" -- and told them that while their grilled chicken is low carb, and quite tasty, that more and more of the low carb community is going gluten free, and they're acing themselves out of a big chunk of their potential market for an ingredient that doesn't really even need to be in the recipe. Emphasized that I have a pretty high profile in the community, and had let my readership know that the grilled chicken contains wheat -- and that if they took it out of the recipe, I'd be happy to announce that, as well.

I have no idea if they'll do a darned thing, but I figured it couldn't hurt to call.

If you'd like to call, it's 1-800-225-5532 from the US. In Canada it's 1-866-664-5696. In the UK it's 0845 753 253.

Don't you feel they deserve at least the opportunity to serve us?