Low Carb Meet & Greet!

Have a driving desire to see my backyard? Dying to meet Dexter the Pug, Jed the Hero Dog, and Gracie the Incidental Beagle, not to mention me and That Nice Boy I Married, Jimmy and Christine Moore, Amy and John Dungan, and Andrew Dimino? Get to know a whole bunch of really nice low carbers? Eat low carb food off of paper plates? Get a little sunshine, God and the atmosphere willing?

Have I got an event for you! It's the 3rd Annual Low Carb Meet & Greet! And it's coming up sooner than we expected.

The past two years this event has happened in mid-August, but owing to a bunch of other stuff going on in August (like Jimmy, Andrew and I all having plans to go to the Ancestral Health Symposium), we're doing it in July -- on Saturday July 7th, from 1 pm to 5 pm, to be exact. If you can join us this year, click here to register.

This has been huge fun the past few years, and it's a great way to get re-energized, make new friends, and not have to turn down any of the food at the cookout for a change.

Because this is, after all, my back yard, we have to keep this event to fifty people, first come first served. If you'd like to come, email us at meetgreet@holdthetoast.com , let us know, and we'll give you details. (I'm not going to post my address here, but I'm in Bloomington, IN -- about 5 hours south of Chicago, an hour-and-fifteen south of Indy, 2 hours west of Cincinnati, and 90 minutes or so north of Louisville.

As we did last year, we're asking a $5/head donation to help defray costs. We promise to feed you well!

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low carb, gluten free torrilla

Dana, I'm new to this site and unsure how to use it. I'd like to know if you can direct me to a recipe for a low carb tortilla, a gluten free tortilla, or hopefully one that is both. I own a small gluten free, low carb baking business and am getting terribly frustrated trying to find this particular recipe.
God Bless you for trying to help me!
Peace and love


Thank you, Dana.

You'll be hearing from us!