Low Carb Meet & Greet

This announcement is shamefully late, and I apologize -- it's just been that kind of a season. The Fifth Annual Low Carb Meet & Greet will be happening in my backyard (or in my house, if the weather is forbidding)on Saturday, July 5th. Yes, that's less than two weeks away. But, hey, it's a holiday weekend anyway, so I figure at least some of you have time off.

So if you do, and you're anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana -- we're 5 hours south of Chicago, an hour south of Indianapolis, 2 1/2 hours west of Cincinnati, about 90 minutes north of Louisville, 5 hours east of St. Louis -- come hang out, eat food, yack with other low carbers, meet Jimmy Moore and me, and all that stuff.

Click through the link for the details, and to sign up. Hope you can make it!