New Writer at CarbSmart

How much sugar is too much? It's a perennial argument, and one on which David "Wolverine" Smith has a unique perspective. You don't want to miss this new writer at

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Great article

I've read David's blog, too. He's a very smart man.
We're taught in medicine "first, do no harm". I not sure what it's going to take to stop giving those unfortunate patients requiring TPN vein- and artery-corroding glucose infusions along with all that omega-6 rich soy bean oil. Would seem like a simple thing to give coconut oil instead (although it would need to be warmed to keep it liquid) plus amino acids for protein requirements. I wonder if there is an investigator in the world who would be willing to run an experiment to compare standard TPN to something low carb without all the omega-6's. I bet that study would save a lot of lives!