Newly Discovered Drawback of Liposuction

Ever wonder if liposuction might be the answer? Here, thanks to Dana Seilhan, aka Other Dana, of Low Carb Curmudgeon blog, is an article from the New York Times that points up one of the problems: You just gain the fat back somewhere else on your body.

I might add my personal experience with lipo: Back when I was working as a massage therapist at an holistic health care center in the Chicago 'burbs, we had a plastic surgery practice that sent all of their lipo patients to us for massage afterward, to speed recovery. I worked with several lipo patients, and to a woman they said the same thing: "If I'd known this was as major a procedure as it was, I wouldn't have done it." We are, after all, talking about having several pounds of your body surgically removed.

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