So Far, So Good

So I've been working since November on a paleo diet cookbook. It's the hardest book I've done so far, because of the additional restrictions on ingredients, especially no dairy, and no artificial sweeteners. Too, it's just a LOT of recipes in a very short time; I confess I'm not at all sure I'll make it by deadline.

Still, I've come up with some very cool stuff, and it gets easier as I go along, partly because I'm getting used to cooking this way, and partly because I've come up with some foundational recipes -- paleo versions of ketchup, sour "cream" (from coconut milk), chipotles in adobo sauce, stuff like that.

But here's the really interesting part: My blood sugar is superb -- 86 this morning. I was a little worried, because before I started I'd been using alternate-day fat fasting to keep my blood sugar under control, but this sort of intensive recipe development doesn't allow for that. I was a little worried, but am pleased to report that my fears were misplaced.

Just as heartening, I haven't been piling on the cookbook weight. Part of that is due to a policy of very rarely eating anything that isn't for the book, but I wonder if it's also the paleo thing? All I know is that I weighed 136 this morning, and that's the lightest I've been in quite a while.

I'm still keeping a sharp eye on carbs, of course. I've been doing some recipes for starchy vegetables, including sweet potatoes, but mostly feed those to That Nice Boy I Married. I do eat a little more fruit than I usually do. I don't know what to attribute the ease of weight control to. But I sure do enjoy it.

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paleo diet

I am really impressed to read out your blog about paleo diet cookbook. I have been very glad to know that your paleo diet cookbook is free from dairy and any type of sweetener agents and the book is full of various kinds of recipes. So, I want to get your paleo diet cookbook as early as possible. Thanks a lot mate. Carry on.
paleo diet


Well, thanks a lot yourself, "mate." And welcome to our Spammers Hall of Shame! Have a nice day!

Great Idea!

Just found your site and swoon! I'm in love!

I'm psyched for a no-dairy cookbook because as a person with allergies, I need to avoid dairy of all kinds. It is not my friend at all, and a big chunk of low carb items contain loads of dairy. And it makes me sad.

So, I for one am looking forward to your new book!

Catching up---really looking forward to the new cookbook


I always love your cookbooks and use them frequently. I started going primal around Thanksgiving. I know that I need to eliminate dairy or at least severely restrict it as an elimination diet showed sensitivity (can we read RUN to the bathroom after a month with no dairy and accidentally ingesting some). I limit the dairy now but your book should be a huge help.

On the primal blood sugar note: the reason I went this way was my fasting blood sugar (I'm a point of care testing coordinator and frequently poke my own finger when testing a blood sugar meter or do method comparisons)had gone up to 110. Diabetes in the family. Also, my blood pressure this past year suddenly shot way up. Scary when you've been 107/72 for many a year. My blood sugar is back to where it should be and so is the blood pressure.

My brother, type-2 diabetic, had been running fasting blood sugars of near 160 this past year. I simply sent him a book on the program. Closet I came to preaching. Within ONE WEEK, his FBS dropped to 113 level. Last night, he told me its been down to 100 consistently. He has the 'wheat' belly. May I mention, he cooks for mom's hometown cafe, so this is not small feat. He will be a walking advertisement for low carb primal in our little hometown.

Great News

I'm a fan of your other cookbooks especially 200 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes. Thank you! Many of your recipes are our favorites, and I'm looking forward to this new cookbook too.

My family is grain-free/sugar-free/low carb but we haven't taken the next step to primal yet. We believe in the benefits of switching to grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and chicken once we figure out the logistics. Mainly buying in bulk and the need to purchase a freezer. Shopping weekly at Whole Foods for these items is too cost prohibitive. We also won't give up low carb dairy (I'm eating smoked salmon with cream cheese as I write this) but I'd certainly make primal/paleo meals for my family as part of our lifestyle.

Go, Dana!

Congrats on the blood sugar, weight control AND the cookbook. That's great news for all of us out here in low carb / paleo land.

Eating higher up on the food (quality) chain seems to let me eat whatever I want in whatever quantity without putting on weight.

Just looked it up on amazon - it was October 2003 when I first bought your low carb books and started on this journey.

Holy Grass Fed Cow, PaleoDana! The time does fly.

I. Cant. WAIT!!!

And when, pray tell, is the deadline for this book??? :-D In other words, when can we expect to get our grubby paws on it??

I am pretty much grain-free, but I have to admit dairy has been the hardest part. I have a thing about coffee in the morning and a thing about cream in my coffee. I love cheese and other dairy.

My glucose has been in the 80's fasting lately, which I am really happy about. Trying hard to avoid the label, besides getting healthier.

Just going grain-free/gluten-free is a major big deal. But having you and paleo/primal and a cookbook all in one? I. Can't. WAIT!!!


Question about dairy

Great news about new cookbook!

Could you provide a quick summary of the reasoning behind "no dairy?" This would be of a great help in doing more research.

I'd been under the impression that pure whey powder is a source of healthy protein and that organic heavy cream (essentially zero carb) is a source of healty fat and now I'm worried.

Why No Dairy?

Very simple reasoning: My publisher said so. :-D

Generally "paleo" doesn't include dairy, but "primal" does include raw, grass-fed dairy. Why? Because herding was really an early form of agriculture. It's generally felt that the keeping of flocks predated the planting of grains, but we can pretty much figure that cavemen didn't milk wild horses or buffalo or mountain goats.

Still, the inclusion of dairy is the expansion of strict paleo I hear about most often, and my feeling is that if your system deals with it well -- generally a racial/ethnic thing, depending on how long your particular genetic line has been keeping flocks and eating dairy -- I think it's fine. However, I've certainly written a whole lot of recipes including dairy over the years, many of which would be fine for primal folks, so long as they used the raw, grass-fed products. This book will have a whole lot of recipes for those who feel their bodies do better without dairy, and of course folks who use dairy can use the dairy-free recipes, too.

Dana, that's just fabulous! I

Dana, that's just fabulous! I think primal/paleo is an important refinement to low-carb. Food quality is just as important as macronutrient balance.

In other news, my parents have lost about 15 pounds each in the two months they have been eating low-carb primal. Even with the stress of a mesothelioma diagnosis for dad. He's working to build his tolerance to IF to help deal with chemo after his surgery.


Hi Dana,

Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the paleo thing. The scale did the same thing for me. I've added in a few of the starches and it has not made the scale to up...still going down! I've had a hard time eliminating dairy, so instead of being hard on myself, I decided to "keep" feta, blue, and parmesan and do cream in my coffee when I am away from the house. Otherwise, I use coconut milk and don't do dairy.

Anyway, I also have type II Diabetes and I don't have to check my blood sugars at doc is delighted with how I'm doing. I also have asthma and have not had to use my inhaler this entire school year. Usually, I am racked with cough, colds and bronchitis...haven't had a cold all year. (That's a big deal because I am a speech therapist in a public school and we are exposed to every bug that comes along.)

Keep up the hard work on your cookbook. I can't wait for it to come out. I have all of your other ones...your recipes are just so easy to follow and so tasty, too. The paleo world needs your cooking expertise!!!

Thanks for everything...your blogs, podcasts, and books have contributed immeasurably to my well being.

Kate Butler

Well, I guess I'm the only

Well, I guess I'm the only one who is not a fan of the "paleo" movement and will not buy into it. It's just another fad; I believe avoiding/greatly decreasing most grains (like I do on a reduced glycemic load diet) is important, but dairy is no great evil, and I'll never give it up. It's a controversial issue. I even dare say there are more studies that say dairy is beneficial for diabetes and weight vs. studies that proclaim the evils of dairy.

I followed the original paleo diet (Cordain), long before it ever became a household word. I didn't lose any weight, and I just didn't enjoy my eating anymore, so I gave it up. Also, folks just can't even get it right. In his first book Cordain allowed canola oil and sang the dangers of saturated fats. In his newest edition, canola oil is evil and saturated fats are no longer harmful. This coming from a man proclaiming to be the leading researcher on paleo studies for years. So, he suddenly figured saturated fats aren't harmful? Huh?

My prediction? In another 5 years things will settle down and good ole' old fashioned "low carb" or "low glycemic" will reclaim its leading status.

Sorry to sound so negative...we all gotta do what we gotta do in the end...and I LOVE your blog anyway! Will always read it!