So Far, So Good

So I've been working since November on a paleo diet cookbook. It's the hardest book I've done so far, because of the additional restrictions on ingredients, especially no dairy, and no artificial sweeteners. Too, it's just a LOT of recipes in a very short time; I confess I'm not at all sure I'll make it by deadline.

Still, I've come up with some very cool stuff, and it gets easier as I go along, partly because I'm getting used to cooking this way, and partly because I've come up with some foundational recipes -- paleo versions of ketchup, sour "cream" (from coconut milk), chipotles in adobo sauce, stuff like that.

But here's the really interesting part: My blood sugar is superb -- 86 this morning. I was a little worried, because before I started I'd been using alternate-day fat fasting to keep my blood sugar under control, but this sort of intensive recipe development doesn't allow for that. I was a little worried, but am pleased to report that my fears were misplaced.

Just as heartening, I haven't been piling on the cookbook weight. Part of that is due to a policy of very rarely eating anything that isn't for the book, but I wonder if it's also the paleo thing? All I know is that I weighed 136 this morning, and that's the lightest I've been in quite a while.

I'm still keeping a sharp eye on carbs, of course. I've been doing some recipes for starchy vegetables, including sweet potatoes, but mostly feed those to That Nice Boy I Married. I do eat a little more fruit than I usually do. I don't know what to attribute the ease of weight control to. But I sure do enjoy it.