What Can We Do For You?

Now that I'm done with the book and back from the Low Carb Cruise (and over the cold I picked up along the way), I am diving headfirst into the job of Managing Editor of the new, expanded CarbSmart. Or rather, I'm diving headfirst into the job of learning how to be Managing Editor of a larger publication. Please, don't tell anybody I'm making it up as I go along.

For those of you who missed the announcement, as of about a month ago, CarbSmart closed its retail operation to focus on becoming the biggest, best, and most trusted source of low carb information on the internet. The magazine will be expanded, of course, but we're also looking to add video, podcasts, and any other form of media we can possibly produce.

But we need your help! Please, tell us what you need, what you want to see. Ideas we've had so far for regular features include:

* The Low Carb Family/Raising Low Carb Kids
* Seasonally Low Carb -- anything that has to do with how the season affects our eating, from what foods are in season, to what holidays are happening, to the need for foods for hot or cold weather.
* The Low Carb Beauty Beat -- articles on how low carb affects our looks -- not just our weight, but hair, nails, and skin.
* Product reviews. Duh.
* The Roving Restaurant Reporter, covering how restaurants, especially chains or franchises with fairly large territories, serve low carbers.
* Low carb success stories -- again, duh.
* Low Carb In The News -- looking at whatever major headlines have come out this month that affect us.
* Reader tips and tricks
* Recipes -- can we have a third duh?

What else? What do you want to see? Help us! It will take some time for us to grow as big as we plan to, but from the very start, our mission is to serve and inform this community. Tell us what you need to see and hear!