Why I've Been Quiet

I've been quiet for most of the week; haven't even posted much to Facebook. I apologize, and feel like I owe you all an explanation.

Those of you who have listened to this week's podcast know that Dr. Andry, the doctor who diagnosed me with PCOS in the late winter, put me on a new blood sugar drug, Victoza, a week ago this past Wednesday. It seems to be doing the job, though the verdict is not yet in. My morning, fasting blood sugar numbers are sporadically looking better; the question is will that become a constant thing?

(For those of you who missed it, Dr. Andry explained that my fasting blood sugar is high because of the same high nighttime cortisol levels that screw up my sleep patterns -- they also stimulate my liver to make too much sugar. Most of the day my blood sugar is fine, and my A1C levels have always been stone normal.)

However, one of the side effects of Victoza has been fatigue, sometimes pretty severe fatigue. For over a week, I went through my day yawning, having a hard time thinking enough to write. I looked it up, and this side effect passes for most people by the end of the first month, and indeed today I feel fine.

Another side effect is a dramatic reduction in appetite, and -- at least early on -- stomach upset, especially queasiness. My appetite has, indeed, been dramatically reduced. Some days I've practically had to force myself to eat. I have had more than a few moments of queasiness, though I've never actually been sick to my stomach. There are also moments where I can feel that my stomach is empty, but can't think of anything that sounds good.

This is a very strange place for a cookbook author to be. I'm not entirely certain who I am when I'm not interested in food, when food is merely something I do because my body requires it.

It's early days yet. Just as my fatigue has apparently passed, I am hopeful that the reduced appetite will persist, but that as the queasiness subsides I will once again be interested in food, if in smaller quantity.

Too, Victoza is very expensive. Right now I'm working my way through the sample Dr. Andry gave me, but I do not know if my insurance company will agree to cover it. I guess we'll find out if the stuff starts to result in consistently normal fasting blood sugar readings. If my insurance company will not cover it, I'm not at all certain I can afford to continue to take Victoza, regardless of how well it works.

Anyway, that strange limbo of fatigue, queasiness, and a truly bizarre lack of interest in food is why I've been so quiet recently. I will strive to do better in the coming week.