You Don't Have To Buy Cookies To Support The Girl Scouts

I admit this is kinda late; the Girl Scouts have been hanging out in the front of my local grocery stores for the past week or two. Still, it bears repeating, since this happens every year:

I'm a big fan of the Girl Scouts. I was a Scout from Brownies through Cadets. My mom was my leader for the vast majority of that time. Have a thousand good memories from Scouting.

So you know what I do when the Scouts ask me "Do you want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?" I say, "I don't eat any sugar. But I'll give you a donation for the troop. I was a Girl Scout, and Scouts Rule!" Then I hand a few bucks to the leader, usually pointing out that they can hang onto it for the troop, rather than giving it to Girl Scouts International.

Makes me feel good, lets the kids know that there are adults who support them without anything in return, plus possibly, just possibly, plants the idea in their heads that there are people in the world who don't eat sugar.

It's just too easy to tell ourselves, "Oh, but it's for the Scouts! It's just once a year! It's a tradition!" They're just highly processed junk food, folks, and the fact that they've been around once a year your whole life doesn't make 'em sacred. Don't use a charitable impulse as an excuse to sabotage yourself. Just give the Scouts a few bucks.

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Danger, Will Robinson

My DH used to stock up on these (easy for 110 pound dude that eats ice cream - UGH - every night). I finally told him that they cannot come into the house. He can keep them at work, his sister's, whatever, but NOT IN THE HOUSE.

Being primal low-carb has solved a lot of cravings but it's plain self torture to keep something around for that one time I'm in a noshing/grazing mood.

Girl Scout cookies

These were my downfall this month. I bought them and ate them. I was one who was of the thinking "it's only once a year", but that became about 4 boxes eaten. So now all I can do is jump back on my low-carb wagon and work it off. :)

I can hardly wait to join you!

I'm up almost ten pounds writing this cookbook. I can hardly wait to spend a week fat fasting to get it off! Sadly, writing cookbooks doesn't allow for that...

You Don't Have To Buy Cookies To Support The Girl Scouts

Dana this is an excellent post. No doubt, I always support Girl Scouts. And not only me but also all adults will support those kids without any return. I am not sure how I can promote these girl's cookies but I will definitely need such a wonderful cookies now. [Spam link removed ---> Affordable Kitchen Cabinets <---]

Nice try, "John". Welcome to our Spammers Hall of Shame! Hahahahaha! --The Management


The amount a troop gets varies from Council to Council. In addition to the money earned for the Troop from each box the individual girl earns prizes for her sales. These also vary from Council to Council but they can range from silly things that young girls love to iPads. Most Councils also offer a form of "Cookie Bonus Money" that can be used by the girl to attend Girl Scout events including Camp which so many girls can't afford anymore. NO MONEY goes to the NATIONAL organization. All money is kept by local troops or the Council they belong to so that program and services can be delivered to the girls. I live in a very rural area and we couldn't make it without the help and services of our Council! Although it may seem nice to give money directly to the troop it helps the individual girl more if you buy something. I don't eat sugar or wheat so what do I buy? I buy what it called a "Gift of Caring". And again although this varies from Council to Council most areas give you a choice of your donation going to a local food bank or to the military overseas. Cookies sales are not a National Girl Scout sale, they are negotiated and ran by each local Council. The National organization does approve and authorize the two selected bakeries in the United States as to what is baked and how it is presented. Believe it or not the Girl Scout organization is concerned about this dilemma of promoting healthy choices while also selling cookies. I don't know how they will eventually resolve this issue but they are at least trying to deal with the trans fat situation as well as appease people concerned about Palm Oil habitat. It is a very difficult balance. Please remember girls and troops depend on this money to function throughout the year as Girl Scouts only charge a membership fee of $12.00 per year. Sorry I got on a tirade but I believe in the organization having been a member for over 50 years and I have seen many girls grow and succeed from their Girl Scout experience, I being one of them.

Good to know!

That's not a tirade at all, Cynderella, that is really helpful to know. We *love* the Girl Scouts -- Dana was one, and I was a Boy Scout, all the way through. I had no idea about the other gift options, or that the girls got points for how much they sell, although that makes sense, as that's always the way sales-based fundraisers worked for me. I will ask about the Gift of Caring next time I see them, and I'm very pleased to hear that they are at least aware of and trying to deal with the issue of ingredients. Thanks!!!

You alluded to this, but just

You alluded to this, but just for grins, I looked it up: Out of every $4.00 box of cookies, the troop gets .75. Yes, seventy-five cents. Service units get .01 and Councils get 2.44.

Nope, I don't buy them, ever, and if I get **any** blowback on a donation "Oh, no, the girls want (or need) to have the experience of selling..." then I don't donate directly, either.

I am not so terribly fond of the Girl Scout Promise either, but that's a different fight :-) and in general I do like the support the girls get and the things they learn to do.