Images of Beauty

Highlights from Dana's workshop on the Low-Carb High Life Cruise, 2001.

Lillian Russell, THE sex symbol of the late 1800s. And keep in mind that she was wearing a corset!

Theda Bara, silent screen vamp, as Cleopatra in 1918. Again, you'd never see this figure in movies today -- yet she was considered dangerously sensual at the time!

Clara Bow, the "It" girl, was the hottest woman on screen in the 1920s -- and she was short, with a modest bust and a rounded figure.

An odd little scene from a Buzby Berkely musical of the 1930s. Ask yourself if these women would be considered "Chorus Girl material" today?

Johnny Weissmuller, the original screen Tarzan, and Maureen O'Sullivan, the original Jane. In particular, look at Weissmuller's mid-section -- would you see him on-screen so skimpily-clad today?

Mae West = SEX. Need I say more?

Two shots of Jane Russel, the "Full Figured Gal."

My husband's reaction? "YUM!"

Can anyone honestly argue that today's Twig Girls are sexier than Sophia Lauren in this shot from Love, Italian Style?

Another shot of Sophia, this one candid. You'd never see this posterior on a Hollywood "beauty" today -- but I doubt men find it any less appealing!

Here's Elizabeth Taylor in The Taming of the Shrew, 1967. She was widely considered to beThe Most Beautiful Woman in the World at the time.

And, of course, Marilyn. Perfectly proportioned, yes. Skinny? No!