Welcome to HoldTheToast at its new location. We hope you notice an improvement in both speed and utility of the site. Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE: No need to create accounts, folks. You can see everything on this site without having to do that. Sorry for the confusion, I just forgot to switch that off when I was setting things up. -E

All-New Discussion Groups

The HTT lowcarb discussion groups/lists have also moved to this new server, and are being completely reconstructed. Click "read more" to learn more.

At this point, we are only keeping three of the discussion lists (not counting Lowcarbezine!). These are: HTT-Basic-A, HTT-Basic-C, and HTT-Recipes. The other lists have recently seen only very light traffic, or no traffic at all. In addition, the new hosting service plan allows for only four lists to be maintained. One of those must be Lowcarbezine!, of course. The three discussion groups we are keeping have had a great deal of use all along, and will therefore be continued.

Existing members of the old discussion lists will need to explicitly sign up for the new lists. I will not be moving the membership lists to this new server, because there are many obsolete subscriptions in all of them, and this is a good way to clear out all that deadwood. The posting addresses for the lists will also change. Rather than using the "holdthetoast.com" domain, they will now be under the "lowcarbohydrate.net" domain. This will help to eliminate the junk email that comes to the list, which you all never see, but I certainly do. (I clear out approximately 1000 junk messages a week from the queues. Enough is enough!)

Click here to register for the new HTT-Basic-A List. This list is NOT archived.

Click here to register for the new HTT-Basic-C List. This list is NOT archived.

Click here to register for the new HTT-Recipes List. This list IS archived.

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